Lie in Green Pastures            

I have heard a fair bit of reply to the posts that I have made thus far, and of course most of them have been negative in that I don’t understand what the true meaning of things are, and wondering of my credentials as a human being. The fact is, I’m no one special, I work as yet another of the many Louisville roofers in the area, and haven’t gone to any seminary school, no religious studies major, just another guy who looks out his window to life and comments on what he sees. Throughout the replies though, there hasn’t been all bad, and as stated in the last entry, there are many people out there genuinely trying to add something positive to the world, and even this one.

I have heard from those who disagree with me, and those who agree with me, and to an extend they’re both right, and they’re both wrong. There is no clear cut white or black when it comes to opinion, that’s the beauty of us all having a differing viewpoint, the freedom to be able to believe what we want, but we also have to have the frame of mind to accept that. Not to demonize others for having what we also have. The ability to be right, the ability to be wrong, the means to make a choice on what we follow, how we do it, and what we accomplish with our own lives. I don’t claim to know everything, in fact it’s admitting that I don’t that I feel gives me a bit of an edge over those who think they do.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, and if it seems for a moment that I’m writing like I do, then I apologize for not being better at choosing my words. I simply see us heading in a direction that doesn’t look to be anywhere pleasant or enjoyable for anyone save a few, and seeing as over the last thousands of years, our collective lives have been on a path of progression and advancement, it scares me personally to see us devolve like this. That we are a people of such promise, such ability, and kill each other over the slightest and most ridiculous of reasons, it baffles me, and I’m sure it baffles others too.

Where do we allow it to end, when do we get to the point of realizing that all of this is for nothing, that our actions only impact ourselves, and negatively impact all others around us. Giving rise and cause for retaliation, until all that’s left is the dust of our civilization long past. I have more hope for us as a people, wishing us to create something that will last, something that will advance us as a species. Maybe to send us to distant planets, or at least to send those who feel that they are so right on a subject that they have the ability to decide on a persons life.

The Center of Spiritualism            

I’ll admit, my first entry into this blog seems to have been mostly an exhausted rant on the way I look out at the world today, but I find it difficult at times to simply do the socially acceptable smile and nod when I see so much chaos around me. I know that there is a lot of good and kind out there in the world, and across all corners of this globe, there are people out there truly trying to make this world a better place. There are works of art being created, limits of physical boundaries being pushed, and advances in science that will forever alter our course of life.

And yet, throughout the most public spaces, the ever persistent screaming match between the so called two sides of everything ensues. And speaking on that tone, when did it become the norm to simply group everyone into one side or the other. A comment in any fashion makes you left, right, up, down wrong or even more wrong. Quietly eliminating the individual and turning them into just another labelled item. A quick and easy format to remove any form of point or argument they may have, because they can be dismissed so quickly as yet another crazy person on the other side of the fence.

I know that once again I seem to be going off on a rant, but it simply is due to the fact that I see so much better in us as a people. With so much accomplished, that we boil ourselves down to primitive monkeys once more, rather than accepting the hardships that come with being who we are, addressing and accepting them, and moving on once more to more pleasant topics. Why did it become so that our feelings were worth more than our dignity? That perceived disrespect is the direct cause for one that is so blatant? Why did we get to the point where we needed to tear others down without building anything new in it’s place?

All that we will have left in the aftermath of this behavior is a barren landscape that used to house our social humanity. A field of nothing, that once held all that we were capable of. All that we had the potential of creating, washed away in a sea of slights and overcompensating. That we pray to our gods of any sort and color to wash away the other, but in hearing only silence in return, take it upon ourselves to come up with a translation that only ends negatively. There is no means of handling perceived disrespect with admonition, only by exacting some form of revenge. What will we become when the entire world begins to act that way, and how can we sit back and blame the other for acting the way that we have for so long. I feel there has to come a time of reckoning, of awakening, and to take our lives into our own hands.

Be at Peace            

It seems, that in the world today, there is a lot of conflict between beliefs. Whether we speak of choice, politics, religion, or otherwise, one group is constantly at odds with another, who doesn’t see eye to eye with the third. At the heart of each of these issues seems to be a problem of belief. Whether believing the other to believe the wrong thing, or that their beliefs be so different, that coming to any form of settled difference seems impossible. And though I call the name of this blog the spiritual center, what I aim to bring about is some form of balance, some notion that differing in any way could possibly be a good thing, essentially to be a voice of compassion in a time of passion.

We have a polarizing president, we have movements of all sorts coming out of the woodworks, hate crimes, police shootings, and a war that has been raging since the start of the millennium, and through all of this, the level of vitriol and anger that is plastered across all manner of social media, news media, and the like makes one truly worry for the future of our kind. Without being a religious person, it seems to me that when I try to speak to people about this subject, that I am immediately lost for credibility, as if being human and alive in this time wasn’t enough.

I look around at the world that we’ve created, and the distances in which our species has overcome in such a short term, speaking of course to the relative age of the planet itself. How we used to be tree climbing people afraid of lightning and creating deities to take the fall for our fears, and then having those deities fight each other. What you believe isn’t what I believe, so you’re wrong. It gets tiring to listen to after years of it happening without easement. Hasn’t it come to a period in time where we can accept our intellectual awakenings from the fugue of time and ignorance, and started embracing what we’ve become as a people?

To know that there is people out there in such disagreement over things created in our own minds that they are willing to kill for it, never ceases to amaze me. To know that simply by implying some of these thoughts that there will be people out there so angry with my line of thinking as to threaten harm, when all I mean to do is to spread the word about what it means to be a human in today’s society, to be an outside objector to the way things are going, and the want within to have us rise up against what we’ve been steering ourselves towards. That there are so many more issues out there than just what you or I believe in. That there are people starving in the streets, and yet we squabble over whether or not being an asshole is a crime.